The Unique Role Geologic Hydrogen Could Play in the Energy Transition - Chairman: Ema FRERY


2023-11-27 | 02:00 PM - 02:20 PM (GMT+08:00) Perth| Live room


The global economy has to undergo a fundamental transition we transition to meet the challenge of addressing climate change. The carbon pulse that has powered industrialization over the last century will draw to a close and there is a need to widely deploy new primary energy sources that address environmental, societal and economic concerns going forward. Geologic or natural hydrogen could play that role. Liberated from the constraints of being an energy carrier, requiring significantly more energy to produce than it contains, would enable hydrogen to successfully fill in for the highly versatile hydrocarbons on which our heavy industry and heavy transportation rely. This contribution will address how meeting the challenges of stimulating and managing geologic hydrogen are needed to access the incredible chemical potential beneath our feet. If accomplished this new primary energy source will play a role far beyond that which can be accessed by “greenhydrogen”.