The Gold Hydrogen Fever: Balancing Enthusiasm and Evidence - Chairman: Ema FRERY


2023-11-27 | 03:00 PM - 03:20 PM (GMT+08:00) Perth| Live room


Geologic hydrogen (H2) has recently gained widespread interest due to its potential as an extractable primary energy resource. We are actively engaged in promoting academic and industrial research projects through significant research and communication efforts. Our motivations revolve around three main aspects: 1) estimating stocks and flows, 2) harnessing a new and potentially renewable energy source, and 3) minimizing environmental pollution. In my presentation, I will address these crucial points and clarify what can be scientifically verified and what cannot. Firstly, I will discuss the current state of our knowledge on global and local H2 flux. Secondly, I will delve into the putative renewable nature of geologic H2 and provide an overview of H2 generation rates based on different processes. Lastly, I will emphasize the importance of the deep biosphere relying on H2 as an energy source. Future discoveries will undoubtedly enhance and challenge our current understanding. However, it is off primary importance to base our reasoning on robust existing scientific data while undertaking extensive research on geologic H2exploration. It is crucial to balance our enthusiasm with reliance on reliable scientific information.