The use of Direct Hydrogen/Helium Indicators (DHHIs) in Officer Basin, Western Australia - Chairman: Dariusz STRAPOC

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2023-11-27 | 04:40 PM - 05:00 PM (GMT+08:00) Perth| Live room


Many Neoproterozoic basins around the world seem to have the right geology to act as the equivalent of a kitchen, migration pathway, reservoir rock and a seal for natural hydrogen, but the Officer Basin is a little different from most of them for trapping this natural gas. In this case the Officer Basin has a deep salt seal which is pervasive across the northern section along with conventional diapirs and presumably salt sills branching out from those diapirs. However, it also has a shallow dolerite which has not been considered in the past, yet it is very similar to that of Mali.

This paper will discuss the salt walls and diapirs of the northern Officer Basin, it will consider the complex structural styles prevalent in a selected study area and present a stress map which will become an important feature of future exploration. It will also review what is known about the volcanics and argue a case for using Direct Hydrogen/Helium Indicators (DHHIs) in the search for both shallow and deep hydrogen and helium.