Natural Hydrogen & Fairy Circles : Can Aeromagnetic Datasets Detect These? - Chairman: Geoffrey EllIS

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2023-11-28 | 03:00 PM - 03:20 PM (GMT+08:00) Perth| Live room


In response to the publishing of Australian case studies documenting the known occurrences of natural hydrogen seeps, the Darling fault region near Moora, was
selected to see if there is any identifiable TMI signal that corresponds with the published case studies for "Fairy Circles".
This is suspected to be a case where serpentinization is on going at great depths, due to tectonic stresses and Temperatures.
To get an optimum outcome from the TMI grid, a Cauchy/complex signal method is used to derive the circular gradient response. Very good correspondence with the geochemistry field work resulted.
The fairy circle result raises the question. "What surface alterations has occurred that involves a magnetic susceptibility change?". Field work with a susceptibility meter is required as a follow up.
The second question investigated: "Is there any confusion between man-made structures and their magnetic response versus the hydrogen source of the anomaly".