Cesar Patino

Cesar Patino


26 years Experience, with roles at Wireline , Petrophysics , Technology, EOR and Circular Economy applications. Today: Pioneered Geothermal integration of the subsurface value of current assets to exploration, with co-production alternatives, methodologies and innovative Process. Leading White Hydrogen as part of the Ecopetrol Strategy , unlocking database information and integrating different disciplines to develop it at Colombia and international assets. And developing New methodologies and indicator for Assets within Descarbonization needs : ECOMACC, Abatement cost curve for field development plan with Carbono intensity evaluations.

Speaker on

First ever downhole sampling of a natural H2 reservoir in Colombia - Chairman: Christopher BOREHAM

Conférence Exploration
11/27/2023 | 10:00 - 10:20 (GMT+08:00) Perth| Live room