Maria Rosanne

Maria Rosanne


Maria ROSANNE is a senior research engineer with a Ph.D. in Physics from Complutense University (Madrid) / CNRS (Meudon). She enjoys working on new products and processes, and solving technical issues by collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. After her PhD on hydrodynamic and physico-chemical coupling effects, she worked during 10 years as a scientist researcher in the Earth Physics Institute of Paris (IPGP), where she studied fluid transport in porous media and managed a portfolio of projects for National Agency for the Management of Radioactive Waste (ANDRA) to secure the geological storage of radionuclides. Her experience in this field allowed also to guide Schlumberger strategic line in an oil recovery improvement project. Seeking others innovative challenges, she turned to conception and production of new biomimetic paint coatings (shark skin, …) inside a pioneering startup as innovative project leader during 6 years; she managed the transition of R&T phase to industrialization for customers in the building and aeronautical industries (Saint-Gobain, ONERA, Airbus). Since 2018, Maria ROSANNE works at ENGIE lab CRIGEN, ENGIE’s R&D center, where she is involved in various energy transition projects applied to clean energies (green hydrogen, heat and cold production, …) or improving the performance of PV and wind turbines.

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PARHyS System: measurement tool for H2 concentration in soil – Industrial version - Chairman: Dariusz STRAPOC

Conférence New tools
11/27/2023 | 17:30 - 17:45 (GMT+08:00) Perth| Live room