World energy cities partnership
Perth is a founding member of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP). Established in 1995, this partnership of 19 international cities worldwide promotes the exchange of industry knowledge, research, economic development strategies and expertise within the energy sector for a more sustainable future.​
Eight of the world’s top fourteen international energy companies have their head office in Perth, making it Australia’s largest concentration of global oil and gas company headquarters.

Explore nearby wine regions

A short 25-minute drive from Perth is the Swan Valley, one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Spend the afternoon exploring the local wineries, breweries and gourmet produce with a local guide.​

Sail the Swan River

Accommodating 11 passengers per yacht, groups of up to 170 guests can test their communication skills in a race under the watchful eye of an experienced sailor from Swan River Sailing. Alternatively for something a little slower, simply sit back and enjoy a casual cruise while taking in Perth from a different perspective.​

Take a day trip to Rottnest Island​

Rottnest Island is teeming with lush vegetation, turquoise waters and outdoor adventure - with an abundance of group activities including snorkelling and whale watching. Whilst there, groups can get up close with a quokka - Australia’s friendliest marsupial.​


The place to be for 2 days
Fremantle is the most eclectic and spirited seaside destination in the world.​

Fremantle or 'Freo' is Perth’s Old Town. It’s a maritime city with spirit and soul, full of vibrancy, colour and culture.​

Chart a course through a coalescence of festivals, museums, UNESCO World Heritage, hundred-year-old markets and a soundtrack of sails and rigging in the sea breeze.​

Experience an otherworldly collision of musical and creative culture, and world class food and wine. Meet local characters who will lead you on adventures through historic streets, hidden laneways, and salty ports on your way to Rottnest Island.​


You will find a wide variety of restaurants in central Fremantle, as well as near the fishing harbor jetty, just a few minutes' walk from HNAT.​ ​Some Nearby restaurants : ​

Italian food

Fishing Boat Harbor Restaurant​

Asian food ​

Mexican food


Little Creatures